The Ones helps independent brands with brand strategy, identity and experience. From marketing initiatives to branding and content creation, The Ones provides brands with services tailored to the scale and needs of each client.

Our Services

The mainstream fashion system is not set up to support independent brands. Most of the traditional marketing infrastructure was built by international fashion conglomerates with large budgets and market domination. In spite of this, small brands can flourish using a digital marketing strategy. The Ones helps brands develop their voice, their audience and their content to compete with these brands in the marketplace. We offer small and independent brands the services normally afforded to these larger brands at the scale that independent brands need. Each of our services are tailor-made to our client’s way of working and to the scale of their brand.


Brand Strategy

Every brand needs a solid strategy as part of the process of developing an effective marketing plan. Budget constraints require that financial resources be used wisely and effectively. Brand strategy helps you determine where you’re at and the path you need to take to reach your business goals in the most effective and frictionless way possible. This journey can be an inspiring experience in revealing who you are and where your brand is going. Through a highly developed process, you’ll be able to define your goals and find the best path to reach them. We believe that elegant, authentic and simple solutions offer the most rewarding outcomes.

  • Research & brand voice development

  • Competitive research

  • Brand initiatives

  • Business objectives

  • Content publication strategy

  • Best practices consultation

Stylish African Fashion Model / Fashion Series.

Brand Identity

Most designers and brand founders have a deep understanding of the story their brands tell, and whom it might inspire. The goal of a brand identity is to let others outside the brand understand who you are and what you stand for. Without a clear visual identity, your brand can go unnoticed in the sea of other labels vying for the market share. A well-designed identity system engages, compels and inspires others to align themselves with you and your story. Creating your identity system is just a matter of showing others who you really are.

  • Logotypes & logomarks

  • Graphic systems

  • Art direction

  • Brand book

  • Content development

  • Moodboards

  • Pitch decks


Brand Experience

Developing your brand experience starts with a website and includes social media, email marketing and various other channels that help people fall in love with your brand. Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to clearly see where your brand is going and which innovations you can utilize to communicate to your audience.

The Ones works with you to develop your digital presence by using the right marketing tools to translate your vision in the most impactful, intelligent and beautiful ways.

  • Websites

  • Mobile experiences

  • Email marketing

  • Social media design/creative direction

  • Press engagement

  • Environmental

  • Sustainable packaging