eCommerce Photography

eCommerce photography for Universal Standard by The Ones Digital.

eCommerce photography 1

Universal Standard


Universal Standard needed updated eCommerce imagery as well as guidance in production, postproduction and asset management. The Ones guided them through workflow development, management and implementation. Centering production around flexibility left the brand with a scalable production process and a consistent visual representation of the brand in it’s product imagery.

eCommerce photography 2

Using a streamlined process of discovery we isolated the needs of the client and their projected growth. Part of the onboarding phase included; competitive research, inventory scope, production schedule, budgeting requirements and digital platform distribution needs.

imeCommerce photography 3
eCommerce photography 4

During the process of creating product photography we also developed elevated imagery that was used in email marketing and press deliverables, leveraging production to generate as much content as possible to use across multiple touch points.

leCommerce photography 5