Blak Art Digital

Identity and brand guide for Blak Art Digital by The Ones Digital.


Blak Art Digital

Identity Design and Brand Guide

The logomark and logotype are an important asset to a brand’s identity and should serve as a foundation for all visual communications. Brand guides are an important tool to ensure that the logo and other identity assets are applied consistently wherever they appear. Brand guides are also useful in detailing the look and feel of supporting visual content. The guide should demonstrate the flexibility within the identity and should be used to inspire and motivate creative expression in the identity system of a brand.

blak art digital logo


The Logomark is suited for media where the studio name is already established. Collateral, website & social - anywhere the studio name has already been enforced.

blak art digital logotype


The Logotype is used when available design space is horizontal and/or when the name of the studio needs to be reinforced.

blak art digital logoset

Alt Logo

The Alt Logo acts as a way to both introduce the studio name and it’s logomark. It is best suited for placing where viewers are 1st exposed to brand and it’s visual identity.


The primary color palette should remain constant throughout all communications. Here a color hierarchy has been implemented, ranging from Stone ④ being the most important to Light Stone ② being the least used. Bauhaus Red ⑤ and Granite ③ are mainly used for conveying importance. Whilst Dark Stone ① and Granite ③ are predominately used for text. Stone and Light Stone are mainly used for background treatments. Where possible Pantone colors should be used.

blak art digital brand colors

Type and typography is laid out in a type guide outlining typeface, style, tracking and hierarchy. A type guide is a must have for a brand’s identity system and is especially important in designing for the web. With guidelines in place a brands copy is easily readable and associated with the brand across mediums, especially in responsive digital environments.

blak art digital type treatment
blak art digital type treatment 2

Identity Moodboard

Inspiration for the Blak Art Digital identity closely correlates to the ideas outlined by the Bauhaus movement. It also relies heavily on the history of art and photography as a source of inspiration, using the work of fine artists as a springboard for art direction, layout and content.

blak art digital moodboard